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Tori (b.1983) is a self-taught contemporary artist who currently lives in Maryland and is originally from Coconut Grove, Florida which she still frequents often. Tori has also lived in New York City for many years. She is passionate about her craft and hopes to expand her base. Tori is always discovering new techniques and experimenting with the movement and balance of color to yield dynamic images, shapes, and patterns.

Tori is drawn to profound expression and vibrant color. Her artwork has evolved to include a nostalgic and striking pop art influence. Being exposed to a wide variety of art forms over the years has given her a broad perspective and appreciation for different techniques and styles.


Tori has collectors from all over the globe and has exhibited at various festivals and fairs to include locations in Miami, New York, Baltimore, Chicago and Annapolis. 

Coconut Grove Arts festival

The Other Art Festival (New York, Chicago)

Druid Hill Art Festival (Baltimore) 

Restaurants and Cafes in New York and Baltimore

First Saturdays Art Fair (Annapolis)