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Tori Angeline, AKA Tangeline (b.1983) is a self-taught contemporary/pop artist. Part of a new movement of transnational, multi-cultural, post pop art, digital influenced expressionists, Tangeline is an organic evolution of Life and Art, self taught in the vein of her major mentors David Hockney and James Gill.  


Tangeline arrives at her complex rich colors and powerful strokes, by  experimenting with the movement of balance and color to yield dynamic images and patterns.  


Her work exhibits the disruptive tension and beauty of a volcano, unimaginable power bubbling beneath each brush stoke,  in portrait or abstract creations her work draws you in with its power, beauty, and youthful optimism-in its transformational renewal.


Born in Curitiba Brazil and a world traveler at a young age, Tangeline grew up between Miami and Queens New York but now lives in Maryland with her fiancé, a research associate at Johns Hopkins and decorated member of her local Fire Company.

Tangeline has acquired collectors from all over the world and has exhibited at a variety of festivals and fairs to include locations in Miami, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, and Annapolis. She seeks to connect with curators and collectors to create a unique and recognizable style that appeals to nostalgia and vibrancy. 








Acrylic, paper, airbrush, resin on wood panel. 


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